“QadriJilani” a despicable liar


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QadiriJilani a despicable mutashiya caught lying about the great Sunni Imam Sa’d ud Din al-Taftazani Rahmatullah Tala Alaih. Either that or he is purely ignorant.

He is the son of the controversial cleric Nisar Ahmed Baig from Manchester. He is also a regular guest on Ummah Channel with notorious host M. Shafiq Budally.

See here for proof:

Shia laws of debate –

1) Lie

2) Deceive

3) Misinterpret

Advertisements Staff promote ignorance


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Here is a moderator who is a well-known Shi’ite contributor.

Look at how sly she is acting, applying Taqiyya – deceit, and giving a clearly  ignorant and proudly unislamic opinion on an issue she has ZERO clue about!

Ignoring hundreds if not thousands of combined research pages and study by towering scholars of all four schools for decades upon decades and the intrinsicalities and specialities of law. PROUDLY IGNORANT AND STUPID!

Abandon the Shi’a Trojan horse today! Expose their deceits and lies! promotes radical Shi’a cleric


Found this video on Youtube on’s spiritual leader.

Its a real eye opener!

If you noticed, even in the little clip they play of this man he seems to be criticising Ameer Muawiya (Allah be pleased with him). This man has been preaching the same stuff for years and years.

Umar Budally exposed for hidden Shi’a comments


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Muhammad Umar Budally of the Ramadhan Foundation exposes his hidden animosity for an illustrious companion of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

He calls Syeduna Ameer Muawiya (radiAllahu anho) as a savage. Astaghfirullah!

In 2008 after making trouble for his then ex-teacher Shi’ite Ninowy, he writes:

I have evidence, pure evidence not circumstantial evidence that Ninowy does not love Sayidina Muawiyah and that he as lied time and time again, and I have personnel emails from him to this effect

Now, you see he has followed like birds of a feather. Utter disgusting and outrageous comments yet Ummah Channel continues to bring him live TV Q&A sessions.

It is a joke in itself that he is given time to speak at any event, let alone live on national TV. The man is so ignorant that he can’t even recite the Arabic alphabet by heart yet tries to pull off an Arabic accent while talking and encouraging his own brother to call him a Shaykh. CRINGE!

I pity the fool who calls him a Shaykh!